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Any images or elements that Bleed off of the very edge of a design need to be set up to extend 0.125” past the Trim Line.

Trim Line

This is the final cut size of you design. Anything that is placed beyond the Trim Line will not appear on the finished product.

Live Area

The Live Area is the best space to keep the important elements of the design. It is about 0.125” set in from the Trim Line.

General Info

Orders may be placed directly through our website, over the phone or by email. Our friendly print experts are available to answer any questions and help you get started with an order. For custom orders and quotes please visit our ‘Connect’ page to get started.

Yes – Edits may be requested or you can cancel an order prior to final proof approval. Once you have approved the order for printing your order cannot be changed or canceled.

We strive for perfection but mistakes and errors can occur. If you receive your order and it is misprinted or was damaged during printing or shipping we request images showing the issue so that we can review and provide the best possible solution. For some orders we may require a physical sample to be sent for review. Misprinted and damaged orders will be reprinted at no charge.


Please note that issues must be brought to our attention via email within 2 weeks of receiving your order.

Turnaround times vary depending on the product and the options ordered. Generally orders print and ship within 10-12 business days. Specific lead times are listed on product ordering pages. Some products may be rush shipped upon request, subject to additional cost.

Yes – Our design and proof team will provide a digital proof for you to review. Your digital print proof will show both a composite of how your finished product will look as well as a breakdown of the individual elements and upgrades. Details of your order will be listed along with a warning icon for anything that looks like it might be a problem. Please carefully review your proof and let us know if you have any questions or concerns.

Some products may be expedited. Please consult with one of our print + design experts for details.

Yes – Taste of Ink can produce just about anything you can think of! Custom size options are custom quoted upon request. Please consult with one of our print + design experts for details.

Taste of Ink offers a variety of paper stocks including both coated and uncoated options. Uncoated stocks have a more textured feel and are typically easier to write on. Our letterpress Cotton and Suede stocks are uncoated and offer a high-end luxury feel.


More commonly used for full color printing, coated stocks are finished with a smooth lamination. Coated stock options include Silk, Soft Touch and Glossy and offer a clean professional feel.

Taste of Ink offers two types of premium printing; Letterpress and Full Color.


Letterpress is an artisan process that derives its name from the three dimensional press plates that are custom made and pressed into the stock. Done with custom mixed spot colors and premium foils, the result is a beautiful luxury product that features both precision printing and luxury feel with a debossed impression into the paper stock.


Full color printing (also known as CMYK process printing) is done on hi-tech four color presses offering vibrant color and rich detail. Full color printing can be done on a variety of high quality stocks with a wide range of finishing options and upgrades. Consult with one of our print + design experts to explore what’s possible!

Yes – Pantone (PMS) colors are available on most stock options. Additional cost may apply, please consult with one of our print + design experts for details.

Digital printing is a process where ink is applied to paper with small ink jets similar to the printing process used by small desktop printers. Offset printing is a process using large format presses with laser etched ink rollers.

For projects like folded business cards or folded note cards there are typically two sizes referred to – ‘Flat’ Size and ‘Finished’ (of Folded) Size. Flat size refers to the overall dimensions of the piece when laid flat and unfolded. Finished size refers to the final dimensions when the piece is folded or closed. For example an A7 note card has a ‘Finished’ size of 5” x 7” and fits into an envelope sized at 5.25” x 7.25”. The ‘Flat’ size of an A7 note card when opened is 10” x 7”.

Taste of Ink offers a variety of stock options in both Uncoated and Coated finishes in a range of thicknesses. Thickness of paper stock is measured by point size (abbreviated as ‘.pt’). Our selection ranges from premium 16pt. to ultra thick 48pt. depending on the specific stock. Average business cards are typically 12-14pt thick while Taste of Ink offers premium thickness luxury stock options.


Uncoated stocks include Cotton, Suede and Premium Uncoated while Coated Stocks include Silk, Soft Touch and Plastic.

Spot colors offer the most accuracy in printing due to being pre-mixed according to specific formulas. Full color printing can show a color shift of up to 7% due to a wide variety of variables that are inherently part of the process. We always strive for the best color accuracy and orders that reflect a larger shift than industry standards are reprinted at no additional charge.

We accept all standard digital formats – For best results we suggest sending your final artwork in one of these formats: .eps / .ai / .pdf.


Please note that file format is only one part of correct file set up.

Yes – our print guidelines and templates can be downloaded from our Templates tab at the bottom of every product page.

For best results we suggest sending your files as close to print-ready as possible. Our print + design experts will review your files and let you know if there are any concerns.

If you are not sure how to properly set your files up for print, our print + design experts can assist you with making any needed corrections to your file set up.

Our proofing department will review your files and prepare a digital proof for you to review and approve. Concerns with printability will be flagged with warning notations. Please double check all spelling and accuracy of information as final approval of proof your is acknowledgement that everything is correct.

For full color printing all color must be set to CMYK color mode. Files submitted in RGB will be converted to CMYK for print. Some color shift may occur during conversion and is unavoidable.

For spot color printing colors the requested PMS (Pantone) color must be clearly noted.

Full color printing is done at 300 dpi. Higher resolution files will not yield higher quality results, however, lower resolution files may show a loss of sharpness and quality.

It is not necessary to include proofs or samples with your final artwork but for more complicated projects digital mock-ups or examples can be helpful to ensure proper set up for printing.

Yes, layered or multiple page files that include both front and back artwork as well as separate files can be submitted. Please clearly label your files to ensure that they are properly interpreted.

Upgrades can be included in the same file as the base printing artwork or as separate files. Please separate and label elements, whether in files, layers or groups.

For certain products expedited shipping is available and may be subject to additional fees.

Yes we can ship orders internationally. Additional fees apply.

Taste of Ink uses a variety of shipping methods and times can vary depending on the method and delivery location. Typical transit time is approximately 2-3 business days after printing is completed.