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Taste SavingsBusiness Card Templates

  • review:

    "...From collaboration, to conception, to design - TOI delivered a product that exceeded all competitors capabilities & my own expectations."


    -Allen Thomas, Music Photography

  • fact:

    Taste Templates was originally requested by fans, followers, and customers for an affordable route to own custom and professional agency design.

  • review:

    "It's all about the professionalism, the speed, and the thought of knowing that I have one less thing to worry about."


    -Keith Esernio with

    located in New York, NY

  • fact:

    Cotton Cards are printed manually (2-up) using an Original Heidelberg letterpress made in 1950. Decorative foil is applied to Cotton Cards with the force of a traditional Kluge press.

  • review:

    "Extremely thorough in handling our artwork...loved this seamless process from production to the completion of a finished product."


    -Amanda B. with Two Paper Dolls 

    located in Wayne, PO

  • fact:

    Taste Printing designed and printed Tear-Off Cards early in 2009, and spent the rest of the year perfecting the process. In 2010, Taste of Ink opened the door for everyone to enjoy the incredible printed piece.

  • review:

    "It's easy for me to get excited about Taste of Ink's results ---- they create something worth talking about."


    -Jeff E. Payne with AscendWorks 

    located in Dallas, TX

  • fact:

    In 2009, Taste Printing pioneered and introduced Cotton Cards & Suede Cards to the public.

  • review:

    "Working with the Taste of Ink print technicians was as amazing as the products are themselves..."


    -Michael O'Connor with

    located in Arizona

  • fact:

    Taste of Ink Cards are featured on over 35 design inspiration blogs and websites across the internet.

  • review:

    "Every time a card is handed out we're asked, Where did you get these printed?"


    -Jeff Wall, Creative Director 

    at Acquinity Interactive

  • fact:

    Taste of Ink has designed and printed for clients in every state and province in North America.

  • review:

    "Taste of Ink has allowed our print ideas to come to life.  We often design our projects with Taste of Ink in mind..."


    -Halee Janes, Entrepreneur

    located in Jackson, MO

  • fact:

    Taste of Ink is featured in The Best of Business Card Design 9 by Rockport Publishing. The book can be purchased online or in any Barnes and Noble bookstore.

  • review:

    "It's always pleasant working with a professional organization such as Taste of Ink."


    -Sasha Nabs, Photographer in Miami Beach, FL

  • fact:

    Taste of Ink invented Layer Cards and print them everyday. It's a card type that integrates specialty options, two card stocks, adhesive, and custom dies.

  • review:

    "Everyone asks how much I spent on custom design...they're shocked you can get something as high quality with a template."


    -Julie Kite, Julie Kite Gardens

    located in Salt Lake City, UT

  • fact:

    Taste of Ink is known for its specialty options: spot gloss highlights, decorative foil stamping, guilded edges, debossing, die-cutting, metallic inks, custom punch outs, perforation, and more.

  • review:

    "The design service was a wonderful experience...These people share and take pride in their art."


    -Perry Bergelt, AZ Real Estate

    located in Scottsdale, Arizona


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Taste of Ink is the premier supplier of high end luxury business cards. We offer a selection of the thickest premium stocks available including ultra-thick cotton, suede, plastic and silk ranging from 16pt cards to 42pt cards.                         

Our mission is to bring the most imaginative and creative designs to life using a diverse array of upgrades. Whether you supply your own design or have our talented design team create a custom solution, Taste of Ink will make sure your business stands out. Our selection of stunning options such as foils, metallic inks and spot gloss will put your business cards in a class of their own. Get an edge on the competition by adding painted edges or creating a dynamic die cut business card that will get you noticed.

Looking for an ultra-slick finish in a super durable stock? We highly recommend our silk card line available in both paper and plastic card stock options. If you desire the biggest bang in silk cards then choose our ultra-thick Layer Cards, doubling the thickness to an impressive 32pt card stock. These are unmatched in the industry, showcasing your business to be the premier stand out in your field. These double Layer Cards provide the unique option of framing your logo or design deep into the card creating a highly unique 3D perspective. Another one of our original product designs is the Tear Off Card which encourages an interactive experience with your prospects. This card will surely keep them engaged and spark their curiosity, questioning what surprise offering is hidden beneath.

Offering a sensational sense of luxury in the most unique textures, our artisan letterpress card line in both Cotton and Suede are second to none. The deep hand crafted deboss impression made in Cotton Cards will leave a lasting impression in the minds of customers, insuring your cards are never lost in the shuffle. The sensation of Suede is inviting to the touch and these unique feeling cards will inspire your customers to keep them in their hands long after the first introduction.

If you are not sure what to choose, visit our gallery page or view our numerous quality template designs. Each template can be customized to match your company brand colors and can be upgraded to meet your creative expectations. With color options ranging from full color offset printing to high end spot color printing you are sure to find what you are looking for. Whatever custom business card solution you select, the combination of great design, ultra-thick premium stocks and colorful upgrades will make you proud to handout out these most unique business cards. All orders ship for free within the continental 48 states and our silk and plastic cards include double sided 4 color printing at no additional charge. Use our Quick Start button to get started now. collapse


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