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Z Tejas:

The following items are additional upgrades used to increase interactivity, for personal customization, and for site usability.

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the features:

The upgrades below were selected by the client to fulfill their website goals. Click view to learn how we integrated each feature within their website.

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the story:

When The James Agency approached us to work on the development of the upcoming Z'Tejas site / online rebrand - we couldn't pass up the offer. Our goal was to add a new experience to this website that would not only fit with the design, but would also provide the user with a feeling of being in the establishment.

For us to provide this feeling and setting, our development team gave the Z'Tejas website many interactive and intelligent technologies. For instance, when a user visits, the menu displays breakfast, lunch, or dinner depending on the actual time of day. This information is gathered by taking the users IP address to the Z'Tejas website. Not only is this a practical solution but it is a fun piece of technology that is appreciated by users. Each feature has been integrated flawlessly within Check them out for yourself.

Website Features: The following custom options were requested by our client.

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video player

It is almost 2012; pretty much all of us have camera phones, and many of us have phones with video cameras. So we felt it only right to give allow Z'Tejas to share their video uploads within their Gallery section. The Z'Tejas management can now easily add in video footage of events and parties happening right at Z'Tejas.

blog platform

Restaurants are alive every day with friends and patrons in the establishment. If that's the case, why can't websites be also? Z'Tejas wanted to provide the public with news and live updates on any given second. Using a blog platform, we developed the news section of the website so they are able to do just that. Z'Tejas management now have the ability to provide news and send newsletters to their friends and patrons. This begins a new world of social networking escapade's for Z'Tejas.

social media

Social Media is used for instant connection to real life people (future customers). was provided with social expansion to Facebook and Twitter with large social media icons on the top right of the website. Now users who enjoy the environment of the website can like Z'Tejas on Facebook and Twitter and can follow their promotions, ads, and restaurant news.


Small thumbnails are hard to view for most users. With this noted, each image or video clicked on increases in size for a larger viewing mode, clear visibility, and for a high resolution display.