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Soleil Shoe Company:

The following items are additional upgrades used to increase interactivity, for personal customization, and for site usability.

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the features:

The upgrades below were selected by the client to fulfill their website goals. Click view to learn how we integrated each feature within their website.

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the story:

Soleil Shoes was created and invented for women of all ages. The website features 'where to wear' the shoes in common, everyday living experiences. For instance, the Soleil Shoe is just perfect for late evenings, at school, commuting, weddings, and more. Our developers provided the website with a fully functioning eCommerce platform to increase internal sales and to grow a client base.

The site itself contains preloaded information, imagery, and content (AJAX) with smooth flowing transitions, clean opacities, and large photography. We designed and built a short flash introduction (splash page) that captivates and educates the female audience before they have reached the website. Check it out for yourself.

Website Features: The following custom options were requested by our client.

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One of the most amazing elements given to the Soleil website is the usage of AJAX. The function that pre-loads the website in order for smooth flowing and quick transitions. Remember with AJAX, the site does not have to load each and every time a page or object is clicked on. AJAX provides quick results (content/imagery) that load prior to the user clicking the section so when they do, it will be immediate.


The eCommerce section of Soleil Shoes has been integrated quite flawlessly throughout the design and development of the site. Product can be ordered online with just the click of a button and Soleil Shoes will only have to participate with order fulfillment (shipping, etc). We provided Soleil with an easy to moderate (back-end) management system to view, group, and organize customer orders and details.

flash implementation

We provided the website with an animated (flash) landing page that describes the purpose and reason to buy a Soleil Shoe. The flash introduction not only educates the users (potential customer) on the product but it also visually entertains the user prior to landing on the home page of Soleil Shoes.