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Overboard 911:

The following items are additional upgrades used to increase interactivity, for personal customization, and for site usability.

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the features:

The upgrades below were selected by the client to fulfill their website goals. Click view to learn how we integrated each feature within their website.

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the story:

Just about everyone has felt the morning after effects of an alcoholic-fueled evening. That goes without saying. If so, head on over to and buy yourself some of their miracle-juice. The owner of Overboard911 was adamant about the website being as soothing as possilbe. Which is why we designed it like we did. If you're unable to get to the store, or your credit-card is tied up and you can't order your own Overboard, hopefully the website will prove to be almost as effective at calming your nerves as this delicious hangover cure.

Website Features: The following custom options were requested by our client.

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Hungover huh? Well, enter Mr. AJAX, stage-right. We didn't want Overboard's users feeling sick to their stomach while trying to find the product or ingredient that is going to save them from feeling the way they do. AJAX calls and Javascript allow the content to swap in-and-out effortlessly making navigating the ingredients page as cool as an ocean breeze.

flash implementation

With the onset of HTML 5 and newer web technologies, we often try and steer our clients away from using Flash or Flex embedded media. However in Overboard's case, our client requested a soothing water scene, complete with floating bottles and a life-preserver. We knew we couldn't achieve the splashing and flowing water effects with JQuery or Javascript, so Flash was our method of choice. The Taste of Ink development team executed it flawlessly.

content scripting

As fun and inviting as is, it was necessary that it be written to engage and entertain the user. TOI's writing department twisted the English language to add their very own spin to Overboard. We sometimes read it just for kicks.


If you live in New York City, you'll be sad to discover that Overboard isn't sold anywhere in your wonderful city. Fret not too much though, your hangover cure is only a click away. You can purchase Overboard 911 directly from the website, or use the store locator to see how far you'll have to drive to cure what ails you.