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Fuori Living:

The following items are additional upgrades used to increase interactivity, for personal customization, and for site usability.

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The upgrades below were selected by the client to fulfill their website goals. Click view to learn how we integrated each feature within their website.

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the story:

A wonderfully constructed website that begs its visitors to decorate and furnish their patios and backyards with the sensible and attractive products this brand provides.

The idea behind Fuori Living was to create an eCommerce (shopping) platform that was not only easy to use, but also breathtakingly beautiful and simple; a website just like Fuori's products and goods. The seemingly difficult part of the project wasn't the design (they have a beautiful brand), or the fact that they wanted to sell products online. The troublesome area was that they have two (while similar in function) very different product lines. One, a chic, contemporary, and predominantly stainless-steel line, and another built from wood, influenced greatly by Tuscan architecture and culture. So how does a web team solve this problem without having to direct the user to two different domains? Simple, we created one website with two separate store fronts.

Website Features: The following custom options were requested by our client.

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Fuori Living's eCommerce system was built on the widely used, and insanely popular Magento platform. The store is fully scalable (like the site) so that the owners of Fuori Living can input as many products as they wish, allowing the web store to grow along with their business. Our development team selected Magento based on its ability to handle multiple store-fronts, one for Fuori Living, and one for Fuori Furniture.


AJAX is a fancy way of loading in website content "behind the scenes." This technology allows developers to preload data and then display it when a certain action or actions are performed by the end-user. In Fuori's case, hovering over any of the products in the shopping cart will show a viewable tool-tip window that is used to display a longer product description. This keeps the actual page of the products clean and clutter-free.