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Deeply Amazon:

The following items are additional upgrades used to increase interactivity, for personal customization, and for site usability.

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The upgrades below were selected by the client to fulfill their website goals. Click view to learn how we integrated each feature within their website.

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the story: - A delicately planned and precisely launched online marketing campaign that included 3 external websites and a fully functioning eCommerce website (product website). With steady and professional communication, our web team took on the entirety of the project.

The overall goal was to create well-designed satelite websites that play the role of the bait in a bait and hook scenerio. For each satellite website, we catered our design to attract a certain person/audience. Each of the satelite websites we completed portray a unique story and feeling for the Deeply Amazon product. As the user follows the link strategy, a unique ad/coupon is provided. Once the coupon promo is clicked, the user will arrive on the eCommerce platform ready to order. To view a bait and hook scenerio, feel free to view each of the live sites, along with the eCommerce product ordering site.

Website Features: The following custom options were requested by our client.

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promo campaign

The owners of requested for our team to work with them on a delicate and well thought out linking straegy that wwas fully written by our web team. Each line of content was researched and then scripted to fit the emotion, style, and feel required for the 1-application based website.

social media

Our agencies personal opinion is that every website should include a social aspect to it. The website should be designed for people to connect and further communicate the material they are viewing. Deeply Amazon is a product site that has customers who love their experience on the site but moreso, the product itself. The more fans of Deeply Amazon that can connect through social media and network, the better. Above is an example of social media integration into the Deeply Amazon brand/website.


When buying a product online, it is important for the customer to fully view the item. Who wants to look at a penny sized image and then pay with a credit card seconds later? With the advancement of website technology and the internet, users want to see full size images with high resolution pictures. On, users can now have a closer visual on what they are purchasing. We provided a lightbox gallery filled with vivid product 'glamour' shots.

content scripting

When we say content scripting, let us explain. Content scripting is understanding the products and companies we are working with prior to putting pen to paper. It is pivotal to write the correct business story that follows the brand language of the company. After discussion with the owners of Deeply Amazon, we were educated on their products and the ingredients behind them. With this information, plus further research - we scripted the content for their product, The Essence of Andiroba. We feel that the content should give users a comfortable feel and provide a calming mood.