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Painted Edges

Painted edges, also known as gilded edges or edge painting is the process of applying pantone ink(s) to the side(s) of Taste of Ink Cotton or Silk Cards. Since Cotton Cards are extremely thick (42 pt), the sides have canvas space for the ink to show a true visability. Both of the cards below use the same ink color for both the gilded edges and the content of the business card.

Since gilded edges uses…

Taste Templates

  Taste of Ink has an incredible staff of designers that work everyday on innovating and perfecting business cards. Taste of Ink Cards are displayed in books and on dozens of design inspiration websites across the internet. “In the past, it was difficult for small and medium sized businesses, freelancers, single parties, and others without agency design budgets to get high-quality, specialty business cards”, said Nathan Mummert, director of the Taste Template department. “…So we…