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Custom Design

by taste of ink

How to get the most out of your business card

How to get the most out of your business card In the age of email and instant messaging, the business card remains a key feature of every executive’s arsenal. Aside from basic contact details, they can impress recipients, give an image about a company and be useful information tools. If you’re in charge of a business, then good-looking business cards will give your workers a sense of pride and investment in the company, and make…

Cadillac Project

 The project includes a business card design and printing for Massey Cadillac, a Cadillac dealer in Chicago, Illinois. When thinking of a Cadillac Automobile, you may be reminded of class, beauty, and speed. It’s a brand already recognized for its greatness and strong image. There are many directions we could have taken the design but as a team, it was time to blend class, uniqueness, and purpose into one card. We decided to take a…

Designs From Around the World

Do you see any changes in the logo design or business card design based on the company location? From the bustling marketplace of New York City, to the mainland of Sidney, and the provinces of Canada—“We enjoy each business relationship and will continue building more”. The client projects below have been designed and produed by Taste of Ink. The Taste of Ink design center is located in Scottsdale, Arizona - USA. “Our passion…

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