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Spot Gloss Highlights

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Spot gloss highlights, also known as ultra-violet cured coating, is a gloss varnish that is complimented by Taste of Ink's silk matte finish card stock -- called Silk Cards. The clear spot gloss coating is slightly raised above the paper or plastic stock and is applied in specific 'spot' locations. Spot gloss can be applied any side of a printed piece (front or back) and cover a small area or a large area. Taste of Ink does not have limitations on the over-use of spot gloss highlights.

Spot gloss business cards and other print collateral are an excellent way to stylize a design and impress future customers. Nine-eight percent of Taste of Ink's silk printing is customized with spot gloss highlights. Taste Printing applies spot gloss to any silk print collateral. From custom spot gloss certificates to spot glossed tear-off cards, spot gloss is integrated into the design/printed piece. This includes our silk cards, plastic cards, silk postcards, silk brochures, silk presentation folders, and any other possible silk print creation (invitations, gift certificates, sales sheets, etc.).

How can spot gloss integrate within a design?

Spot gloss is used to highlight a company name, contact information, or additional copy on the printed piece. Spot gloss can play an artistic element – such as spot glossing unique patterns, custom shapes, or additional highlights.

Spot UV Cards - Flexicom

Jaclyn Studor Spot Uv Business Cards

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How to setup files with spot gloss?

Once you have decided what you would like in spot gloss, create an additional layer within the design document, or a separate file. After you have created the new layer or file, label "spot gloss". Please color the layer 100% K (black).

Spot Gloss Business Cards File Set Up

 What is the additional cost for spot gloss?

Spot gloss added to silk printing starts at $35.00 for one side and $45 for two sides. The cost of spot gloss depends on the quantity being printed and the size of the printed piece.

Taste Printing: Spot Gloss Suggestions and Tips

1) Use Spot Gloss not only has an accent, but as a main feature of your design. Many designers use such upgrades as an afterthought, at Taste of Ink, our designers integrate Spot Gloss into their design process.

2) Taste of Ink recommends that you do not add spot gloss over very small text or graphics. Although we certainly try our best, the registration process is not always 100% perfect and can add an unwanted shadow effect to small items if misregistered.