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Do you see any changes in the logo design or business card design based on the company location? From the bustling marketplace of New York City, to the mainland of Sidney, and the provinces of Canada -- "We enjoy each business relationship and will continue building more". The client projects below have been designed and produed by Taste of Ink. The Taste of Ink design center is located in Scottsdale, Arizona - USA. "Our passion is working closely with people like entrepreneurs and idea makers. We specialize in helping them convert their vision into an effective and compelling brand/element with a clear brand/statement."

Regardless of the location, the TOI Design process stays consistent. We begin each project by gathering ideas and direction. Following this, pen is put to paper with concept sketches and font exploration. Digital design proofs are then refined, prepared, and sent to our clients by email. The design and photography below are property of their respective owners. Feel free to repost this article, but please include a returning link.

1) Kanagawa, Japan

The Baba Pongo business card was designed for a pop art company located in Japan. The business card implements a die cut card design and includes single sided spot gloss highlights.

Baba and Pongo Business Card

2) Calgary, Alberta, Canada

The Ascienda Mortgages card has a perfect balance of professionalism and edge. The cleanly laid out information makes it a very effective functional calling card, while the specialty die-cut punch out and contour cut make this unique and a true crowd pleaser. The vibrant bright orange hue on the info side of the card contrasts excellently with the clean white logo side of the card.

Ascienda Die Cut Business Card

3) San Francisco, California, USA

The Chambers logo utilizes a custom-illustrated key that has been rendered to also resemble the form of a 60's style electric guitar. The Chambers restaurant is located in the famous Phoenix hotel in San Francisco, Ca,  known to be a hot spot for rock stars to party for years. The custom vintage style key/guitar pairs well with the sophisticated typography to form a classy and memorable logo.

Chambers Logo Design

4) World-Wide

This logo was designed for Wayne Gretzky's official licensed merchandise. The mark integrates the original Gretzky brand image mark into a classic yet modern, masculine seal that reflect the tradition behind the brand as well as its future. The color palette is strong and vibrant and is complemented with bold, distinguished serif type.

Wayne Gretzy Logo Design

5) Valencia, Spain

The Ambitiona logo features an abstract upward moving letter 'A' form symbolizing growth and ambition. The bright colors within the lines accentuate the sensation of upward momentum and growth. This form is paired with a lowercase sans serif typeface for a modern and professional logo.

Ambitiona Logo Design

6) Sidney, Australia

This Cotton Card was designed for a Property Law Firm in Sydney, Australia. The design includes a pearl foil debossed word mark. The minimalist color palette makes efficient use two inks to create a clean but engaging layout separated by a decorative debossed dotted line that visually accentuates the web address.

Day Legal Cotton Business Card

7) Fort Smith, Canada

The karl johnston logo creatively illustrates the aurora borealis for this well-known borealis photographer. Circles are used to imply the airy form. Serif type is used to contrast the modern mark and add an elegant formal touch.

Karl Johnston Custom Logo Design

8) Surrey, United Kingdom

The Throwaway Lines logo uses a retro-modern illustrative style, paired with clean type to form an iconic and memorable mark. A vintage typewriter is used as the base to build the mark around, and a little bird is perched to add a fun detail.

Throwaway Lines Logo Design

9) Honolulu, Hawaii

AINA's logo mark is inspired by the frequent subject matter within the artist's work: rip curl waves and beautiful hawaiian foliage landscapes. The mark combines the wave and leaf, while hinting at the artist's lens. This logo mark is paired with custom adjusted letterforms for a cohesive logo that works with both image and word mark, as well as each piece standing strong solo.

Aina Logo Design

10) Frankfurt, Germany

This slim cut business card was designed for Razvan Ionescu from Germany and introduces decorative silver foil complimented by spot gloss highlights.

Razvan Spot UV Business Card

11) North America, Canada and USA

Modern clean lines in the mark pair well with the sophisticated serif typeface. The oval forms, derived from the alipste seed, overlap to create an aesthetically pleasing abstract mark.

Pureza Logo Design

12) Lyndhurst, Australia

The SNP mark was created using a custom systematic grid. The dynamic circles differ in size and location to create a cohesive and eye-catching logo. A neutral pallet accompanies the brand.

SNP Painting Logo Design

13) Southern California, USA

The Lady BonBon card has a retro-chic appeal that blends perfectly with the custom die-cut cupcake shape. Spot gloss is used on the front and back to add an extra highlight on certain elements on the card.

Lady Bon Bon Die Cut Business Cards

14) Montréal, Quebec, Canada

This Cotton card features 3 inks on both sides of the card creating a very bold and high end design to suite the company's image.

NNS Letterpress Business Cards

15) Melbourne, Australia

The Centurion Security logo features a custom-illustrated centurion guard encased in a shield form relating both to the company name, and the concept of security. A color scheme of gold and black adds an elegant touch.

Centurion Logo Design

16) New York, New York, USA

This business card is extremely custom in many forms. The card is printed on a 16pt silk matte finish card stock and contains spot gloss highlights on both sides. The design called for a one of a kind die cut (custom shape) and die cut punch to create an incredibly unique company image.

Dyalect Die Cut Business Cards