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Decorative Foil Stamping

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Decorative foil stamping is the process of stamping a shiny, thin metal die onto printed card/paper stock. Each die is created custom to the design. Decorative color foil accents a printed piece by accentuating important content, imagery, or patterns. For an affordable cost, Taste Printing provides foil stamping in a variety of colors. From custom foiled brochures to die-cut business cards - foil is used as unique and professional addition to any printed piece. This includes silk cards, cotton cards, suede cards, and plastic cards. Also, postcards, stationery, invitations, brochures, presentation folders, gift certificates, and more.

What foil colors are available in stock? 

Taste Printing supplies the following twelve decorative foil colors at all times:

silver foil, gold foil, copper foil, light blue foil, dark blue foil, red foil, green foil, purple foil, pink foil, black foil, rainbow silver foil, rainbow gold foil.

Taste of Ink Sample Packet

Photo of Taste of Ink Sample Packet

How can foil stamping be integrated within a design?

 The Taste of Ink design agency integrates decorative foil stamping on one-third of our projects. It is used to highlight a company name or copy on the printed piece. Foil can play an artistic element – such as foiling unique patterns, custom shapes, or additional highlights.

Foil Silk Business Cards

TG Gold Foil Business Cards

Red and Silver Foil - Career Pointers

Day Legal Pearl Foil Business Card

Silver Rainbow Foil Karl Johnston

Black and Red Foil Business Cards

Eve Business Cards - Gold Foil

Arbogast Silver Foil Business Cards

Casino Tesoro Silver Foil Business Cards

How to setup files with decorative foil?

Once you have decided what you would like in foil, create an additional layer within the design document, or a separate file. After you have created the new layer or file, label "silver foil", or whichever color you choose. Please color the layer 100% K (black).

Foil File Set Up

 What is the additional cost for decorative foil?

Taste Printing stocks the shelves with a complete rainbow of foil options (12 colors) so the cost is quite streamlined for the client. Decorative foil stamping starts at $50.00 per color/per side. The cost of foil depends on the quantity being printed, the size of the printed piece, and the paper/card stock that the decorative foil is being applied too.   

Taste Printing: Foil Suggestions and Tips

1) Foil stamping involves manual production, thus the foil being applied to the cardstock can shift slightly (1 to 2 millimeters in any direction). Taste Printing advices desiging files that do not require 100% perfect registration.

2) For crisp/clean foiling, Taste Printing suggests designing in adobe illustrator (vector) over photoshop. If photoshop is used to design the printed piece, we suggest the foil area be a vector smart object.

3) The foil color will appear lighter, darker, or brighter depending on lighting. For a physical example of our foils, you may order a sample packet/taste membership.