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There are two types of debossing. The first type is called registered debossing. This is created by printing ink and/or foil on a cotton stock. The second form is called blind debossing. A blind deboss is one of the extra features available for letterpress printing. Debossing is a blend of vector design, custom die's, and pressed cotton cards. Without the use of ink, the copper die strikes the cotton card leaving a deep impression. Thus, no ink equals a blind deboss. With ink/foil equals natural (registered) debossing. Blind debossing is a minimalist tool that adds a professional and artistic appeal to the design of your cards.

Blind Debossing Registered Debossing

Can any printed piece be debossed?  

Taste Printing applies debossing to Cotton Cards and by request for Suede Cards. Cotton Cards can be ordered in any size, shape, or quantity so many clients use debossing for luxurious invitations, etc.

How can debossing integrate within a design?

Debossing provides depth, texture, and a professional element of the cotton cards design. Debossing is widely used for the company name, contact information, or additional copy on the printed piece. Unique patterns, custom shapes, ….......... are just a handful of ways debossing is integrated within a design.

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How to setup files with debossing?

Once you have decided what you would like debossed, create an additional layer within the design document, or a separate file. After you have created the new layer or file, label "deboss". Please color the layer 100% K (black).

Debossing File Setup

 What is the additional cost for debossing?

Debossing occurs every time a cotton card is printed with ink. However, blind debossing is a very popular element applied to the cotton stock. Blind debossing starts at $90.00 for one side and $180.00 for two sides. The cost of debossing depends on the quantity being printed and the size of the printed piece.

Taste Printing: Debossing Suggestions and Tips

1) Debossing slightly lowers or raises the card stock. For a heavy deboss, we suggest only debossing one side.

2) For crisp/clean debossing, Taste Printing requires the artwork to be designed in adobe illustrator - a vector based design program.

3) Taste Printing suggests blind debossing to be used as a design element (patterns, florishes, etc), rather than for important contact information (name, company, phone, etc.).