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The creation of cotton cards involves one of the most delicate, time intensive, and loved forms of printing. What are Cotton Cards and where did they come from? In the mid-15th century, Johannes Gutenberg invented one of the first production line printers – known as the letterpress. Letterpress printing involves movable type / dies, great amounts of pressure, and skilled pressmen. Starting in the mid 1990′s, letterpress printed business cards became a coveted and fashionable icon in the business world.

The Taste of Ink print department experimented with the material cotton and traditional letterpress printing. In the spring of 2009, Taste of Ink presented Cotton Cards to an eager public. Taste Printing blended the tradition and magic of the letterpress with the beauty and versatility of cotton. The birth of the Cotton Card was an enormous success with the general public and a new symbol of status entered the market place. Currently, millions of Cotton Cards are in circulation around the world and it is considered to be one of finest and more fashionable business cards on the market. 

Lux Cotton Business Cards

Debossed Business Cards

Square Cut Letterpress Business Cards

The production of a standard set of Cotton Cards requires a great deal of education and experience with a letterpress (printing machine). Cotton Cards are fairly rare since streamlining the printing process is not an option. One thing certain is that each set of Cotton Cards are completely unique and entirely different.

Cotton Cards are quite luxurious and provide a delicate and art based printing process. Every set of Cotton Cards printed by Taste Printing Department contains its own custom features and is produced on a traditional letterpress. Each client purchasing Cotton Cards for their personal or company business card knows that good taste is and what it takes to impress their potential clients.

Cotton Stock

Cotton stock comes in two different shades (colors). Taste of Ink provides both white and pearl stock. The most popular color is pearl. It provides a slightly richer presence to the final printed piece. Remember, that cotton cards are printed on a letterpress. This means that the cotton can be stamped/printed with any possible pantone color. Each color represents its own die. One color is printed at a time, then the cotton cards are dried before moving to the next color or specialty treatment.

Cotton Business Cards

Cotton Business Cards


Debossing a Cotton Card is the process where a die is pressed into the cotton stock at a high speed. The die is setup on a traditional letterpress machine and can contain anything from a pattern to type face. If the die (design, pattern, type) is extremely intricate, the debossing will be slightly less. The bolder or thicker the line weight will help produce a deeper impression (deboss).

Debossed Cotton Business Cards - Letterpress

Debossed Cotton Cards

Decorative Foil Stamping

Foiling a Cotton Card is the process where a die, containing foil is pressed into the cotton stock, leaving the foil within the card. Decorative foil stamping is a luxurious way to spice up the overall appearance and style. Taste of Ink inventories the following decorative foil colors: silver, gold, copper, light blue, dark blue, red, green, purple, pink, black, rainbow silver, and rainbow gold. 

Cotton Business Cards with Foil

Guilded Edges

Guilded edges, also known as edge painting is applying pantone ink to the side(s) of a cotton business card. Cotton cards are extremely thick (42pt) so edge painting is quite visible.

Painted Edges - Letterpress Business Cards

Guilded Edges Business Cards

Custom Die Cut

Die cutting a Cotton Card is the process of creating a custom die that will be used to punch out the correct shape. Since the cotton stock is thick, it is advised to use a minimal design for a more accurate and precise cut. Cotton Cards can be die cut to practically any shape, size, height, width, punch out, or design. It is best to stick with shapes and round edges when die cutting a Cotton Card.

Cotton Die Cut Business Cards - Letterpress