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Company Details

Inspired Network team is a boutique Financial Group with their corporate office located in New Jersey. The company takes a macro-economic approach that models their clients current path and strategy. Inspired Network's goal is to help their clients build more wealth, take less risk and protect you against various wealth eroding factors.



The dynamic orbital path sweeping past the earth illustrates a minimalist and modern tone with a strong and substantial business style. Colors create an inviting and approachable brand image within this framework. The sans serif type supports these ideals and brings an overall smart and professional aesthetic to the brand.

logo design

logo design




Business Cards + Stationery

stationery design


Website (online brand) -

 The idea behind the Inspired Network's layout and design came from our consultation with our client, and his request to make the website surreal, comforting, but to keep it corporate and structured. The background imagery blurred out of focus, the translucent call-outs and content area, and color-coordinated text lend to the serene appeal of the website, however the gridded layout and hard-edged elements provide a very grounded and established look and feel.

Overall we couldn't be happier with what we have created for The Inspired Network. We feel we captured the essence of a corporation with down-home, surfer-esque roots which will give the user a feeling of security and comfort, leaving them rest-assured their finances and well-being are in great hands.



website design


jQuery Scrolling

Our coding team developed the design of this particular page to function with horizontal finger/thumb navigation for the iPad/iPhone. Also, this page scrolls horizontal using the left and right arrow keys on your keyboard. And finally, you can always click the left and right arrow buttons using a mouse cursor. Creating our websites UI friendly can be tricky but extremely useful for the website user/visitor.

jquery design


Integrated Video Player

video player design

video player


Website Tutorial (CMS)

Taste of Ink provides instructional videos with each custom CMS and/or custom Wordpress CMS. A CMS is a content management system so our clients can edit content, imagery, upload videos, post on their blog, etc with quickness and ease. Each CMS is provided with a tutorial broken into chapters for each page.

website tutorial

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