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Client Work, Plus Materials Inc.

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Company Details

Plus Materials Inc, established in 1999 is one of the largest exporters of off-grade and secondary fibers and polymers. Located in Atlanta, GA and our warehouse facilities are spread across the US from South Carolina to Illinois. Our strong customer base is present in 16 countries worldwide. This global presence and extensive reach enables Plus to provide effective and prompt pick up services in the US and Canada within a matter of hours.


This logo concept focuses on a bespoke "+P" monogram icon. The combination creates a unique and edgy mark that even hints at the recycling nature of the company through the loop back of the P. There are two slightly different options presented of this concept as well as further color exploration, layout variants, and type choices.


custom logo

logo design

Custom Business Card Design

business card design

Custom Marketing Piece (brochure)

brochure design

Large Format Banners


Website (online brand) - www.plusmaterials.com

The idea behind Plus Materials was simple: give the company a very interactive, and corporate website based off of their color palette, and the request that their site contain sectioned content using colors and patterns to differentiate pertinent content, just like http://www.kaleidoscopeapp.com/. Please note that in the presentation .jpgs the white paper icon under the products tab in the top navigation is to illustrate the "rollover" and "active" state of the navigation, and will not appear on the homepage unless hovered over with the user's mouse. The interior of the website is proposed to be a bit more "traditional" in terms of it's layout and functionality.

The first image contained within the presentation is the image the user will see upon arriving at the website. There are many interactive elements on the homepage, including a vertical scrolling webpage. When the user clicks the side navigation under the logo element, the site will scroll vertically. Notice how the logo and navigation remain "fixed" while the rest of the content scrolls. A very advanced feature that allows us to change the color of the navigation and logo, promoting an interactive appeal for the user.

If the user clicks the "Plus" icon next to the image - a dialog box appears including additional information about the headline and company. This will show a brief synopsis of the Plus Material's services. Since the company name is based on the word 'plus', we wanted to tie that into the online brand and home page of the website.

Overall, this concept is a very appealing and interactive approach to an industry that hasn't seen a website like this. The homepage will ensure the user's need/want to click into the website to learn more about the company, and what Plus Materials can do to help service their company.

home page design

Custom Contact Form

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Fixed Header / Color Changes w/ Scrolling (UI Element)

fixed header design

Plus Symbol - Interactive Branding Symbol

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Custom Buttons, Icons, and UI Navigation

UI Elements