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Company Details

Their core services revolve around being problem solvers with strength in converged network infrastructure, VoIP telephone systems and IPCCTV surveillance. The Helix team are masters at converged technology. Integrating computers, network infrastructure, telephones, audio and video under one roof without the need for outside contractors. They have designed and perfected solutions that require little maintenance and can be managed almost completely remote. Helix supported clients in LA, New York, Boston, San Francisco, Hawaii and even Asia. Helix contacted Taste of Ink and worked with our Creative Director in order to complete a full rebrand (logo, business card, website, brochure, form interface, html signature, and more) which provides professional consistency for every aspect of the company.


Helix Information Services' logo takes inspiration from the bold and innovative approach of their web development firm. The metallic bevelled forms with structured contours and sharp angles represent their dedication to perfection and their strong internal culture.

logo design

logo design 2

custom logo design

custom logo mark

logo mark

Business Card

The Helix card features one of a kind die-cut layer card - including a foldable "kickstand" to prop the card up, as well as a die-cut punch out of the logo. A blind spot gloss curvilinear line pattern adorns both sides of the card for an added eye catching visual texture.

custom business card design

business card design

Website (online brand) - www.helixinc.com

We modeled this site after the recently created and vastly popular Microsoft Metro user-interface. Originally designed for the XBox, this new UI design has found its way into a several different applications due to its ease of use and familiarity for the user. 

Separated "content" blocks and color-choices give the user and immediate understanding of how the hierarchy of the information works, and what to look for (ie - light gray = Twitter, dark-gray = Blog, etc). Easily moving up and down the page the user can quickly reference the information they want and, and ignore/filter the rest.

custom website design

Fixed Side Navigation

fixed side navigation design

Fluid Browser Resizing

resizing browser development

Twitter Integration

Went it came to integrating twitter into the site, we wanted to seamlessly have the tweets show up intermingled within the site. To do this we created a twitter caching engine for wordpress which every hour connects to twitter and downloads the most recent tweets.

twitter integration

Content Scripting

Content scripting involves our team researching and then scripting website content to fit the emotion, style, and feel required for the company/organization. Research includes the company's industry, history and culture of the marketplace, and of course we determine which is working and not working based off of popular trends and industry consistency.

content scripting

Live Chat Operator w/ Pin Code on Left Toolbar

live chat design/development