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Cadillac Project

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 The project includes a business card design and printing for Massey Cadillac, a Cadillac dealer in Chicago, Illinois. When thinking of a Cadillac Automobile, you may be reminded of class, beauty, and speed. It's a brand already recognized for its greatness and strong image.

There are many directions we could have taken the design but as a team, it was time to blend class, uniqueness, and purpose into one card. We decided to take a different route than normal and requested full color vehicle photos to implement into the design. After reviewing the photography, we selected the perfect picture for the card.

Cadillac CTS

The photography was going to serve two purposes. One, a canvas and horizon for the decorative foil logo and content (The New Standard of the World) and two, a commanding and eye catching image. The foil selected is a rainbow silver color / shade and appears quite picturesque over the cloudy sky.

Custom Die Cut Business Card - Cadillac

This specific project was provided with more content than usual and 99% of it was used on back side of the card. The content was organized to align right and given a color palette of two grey tones and stock white to follow the front of the card and to make it easier to read.

The beauty of a large Cadillac logo was needed but the canvas space was very slim. So, we decided to go with the spot gloss elements to highlight the logo in a subtle, yet striking manner. As you can see in the photos, spot gloss can be quite detailed and looks incredible complimented by the matte finished silk cards.

Die Cut Business Cards

The final piece of the design is probably the most important. We wanted to create something special and unique to the cut / shape of the card. Once again, using the photo for the front of the card, we based our cut-line, going parallel with the angles of the automobile. This specific cut-line is called a custom blunt cut and is the final piece that completed the Cadillac Project.

Custom Business Cards

This Cadillac business card was designed and printed by Taste of Ink.