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New business is not always easy to come by. Before wasting your time and energy with boring business cards, create a difference in the beginning. You may only have one chance to grab the attention and respect of your next potential client. Take pride in your company with a business card that represents the integrity behind your business. It will make all the difference in the world. What does it truly mean to be different and stand out in the business world?

Shawna Photographer Business Cards

Shawna Photography Business Cards

These days, everyone is trying to be unique, dress to impress, and have the latest and greatest. Why is it that companies, small and large are still using out dated, bland, and regular business cards to create a deal or start a pitch? People place so much effort and finances into their business, products, and services but when it comes down to the final sale - they are cut short by looking like everyone else.

Suit and Tie

A business card is just as important as a new hair cut, a firm hand shake, and a well pressed suit. It is the face that stays with your potential client long after your conversation has ended. Prevent being tossed aside or thrown in the trash after you have worked so hard to get there. Taste of Ink Card's are becoming an iconic piece of business fashion. You tell us the difference.