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We love designing unique and custom business cards for our clients. But we also understand that business card design isn't cheap. It is an investment that not everyone can afford. Our gallery contains client business card projects that were designed and printed by Taste of Ink. Everyday customers, followers, and fans would contact us, asking to use our gallery cards for their business card so they could bi-pass the design cost and also have a custom and unique business card. Of course, the gallery projects can not be duplicated and the rights of the designs are owned by our clients. So, we put our resources together and created a collection of the world's finest business card templates for an affordable cost.

Flexicom Business Card Template

Penny Lane Cotton Card

Space Vinyl Graphics Business Card Templates

Claire Die Cut Business Card Template

Our templates are truly unlike any other business card template. An average template from Vista Print, uPrinting, or Zazzle are created by a computer program using traditional fonts and basic clip art. Then, the image is printed on a flimsy gloss card for you to hand out.

Each one of our business card templates are designed by educated professionals who are seasoned in print and collateral design. The fonts are modified and the designs and patterns are original. Once we finish a design, the design is handed to our pressmen for the print and template creation. Every Taste of Ink Card is produced with the finest ingredients and paper stocks. We enjoy innovating the possibilities and we continue to add more Taste Templates in the collection.

Jaclyn Studor Business Card Template

Alexandra Rose Business Card Templates

Swiss Button Letterpress Business Cards

Sarah Velasquez Business Card Templates

Tear-off Business Card

Apparition Spot Gloss Business Card Template

Casino Tesoro Business Card Templates

Really - the coolest part about our business card templates is the free personalization by a designer, and not a computer. You find your favorite card for the price that fits your budget, add your contact info, and then upload graphics and/or change the color palette. Once you are done, you place your order. Then, you will receive a free digital proof sent to your email within 48-hours. The digital proof will be designed and typeset to match your requests. You will never know that your card was originally a template - we customize it special for each customer. Remember that Taste Templates are catered to fit any budget and shipping is free within the Continental USA.

We enjoy our customers, followers, and fans comments and ideas on new and innovative print templates. Remember, anything is possible - you just have to think of it first.

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