Shaped Business Cards

At Taste of Ink, we offer a number of options to help create the most unique branding for your business.  Some of these specialty upgrades are our Shaped Business Cards, Square Business Cards, and Textured Business Cards.


Shaped Business Cards

Perk up your business cards! Using a die cut business card presents an image your clients won’t forget! Shaped Business Cards can be created for almost any design you can imagine. Colors, copy and texture aren’t the only elements that do the speaking in your business card design. A die is a specialized tool used to cut or shape material and is customized to the design of your dreams. This allows us to design and create cards that are uniquely yours, and reflect your branding with a one-of-a kind card. Give your business card a sophisticated, executive look or a fun, happy feel – we’ll customize to fit your needs. Die cut cards can have cut outs within the card as well for unusual eye-popping effects. Additionally, you can add spot gloss, beautiful gold or silver metallic foil as well as a dynamic variety of colored foil choices. Metallic gold or silver ink can also be used to make your die cut cards really say WOW!

Shaped Silk Business Card
Shaped Cotton Business Card

Figure Eight Shaped Silk Business Card

Square Business Cards

It’s hip to be Square! Taste of Ink offers Square Business cards that really stand out from the crowd! They are small enough to fit in a wallet, but provide an edgy, modern look to your cards. Our unique square cut business cards can be produced on our silk laminate, cotton or suede stock, and we offer a wide range of options that can be added to take your card to the next level of quality and individuality. Upgrades like metallic or colored foils and painted edges will add to the memorable statement. A square-shaped business card is also an ideal format for promotional functions such as VIP passes, complimentary drink passes and other marketing tools. If you really want your business to stand apart, consider our square cut cards.

Square Silk Business Cards
 Square Die-Cut Business Card

Square Silk Business Card with Spot Gloss

Textured Business Cards – Cotton and Suede Cards

Taste of Ink offers both cotton and suede business cards that can be printed in a variety of sizes.  Standard size, slim cut or die cut to your custom artwork using beautiful thick stock, we create textured business cards that have a heavy quality feel and a gorgeous look.  Want your card to look like the bark of a tree, a wave, or a map - the possibilities are endless!  Our textured cards can create these special effects and make a statement of pure elegance. Our cotton cards are printed on either a pure white or delicate pearl stock, with up to three colors or decorative foils on both sides to add beauty and elegance.  They can also be debossed on each side, to add texture and create a striking, impressive card you’ll be proud to give to your clients.  Our suede cards can be printed on black or white stock.  White suede cards can be printed with up to three colors including gold or silver metallic ink on both sides, and you can also add metallic or colored foil for an exciting pop of color. On our black suede stock we offer gold or silver metallic ink as well as our many choices of metallic and colored foil.  For a card that is sure to impress, consider a textured cotton or suede business card from Taste of Ink!

Textured Wood Grain Business Card

Embossed Cotton Business Card

Embossed Map Cotton Business Card

Textured White Cotton Business Card