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At Taste of Ink Design and Print Studios, we select only the best professionals for our custom logo design. We believe in the power of great-looking custom logos for our customers, so we make it a priority to utilize the most advanced design software and programs to produce the finest custom designs available on the print and design market. At Taste of Ink, we don't believe in meeting industry standards...we believe in raising them.


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Custom Logo Designer


Working with Custom Logo Designers at Taste of Ink

There are some important things to consider when working with a custom logo designer. The first is to communicate your ideas clearly and effectively. Make sure they know exactly what it is you are hoping to accomplish with your logo design. The second thing to remember is that the designer's job is to create a unique and eye-catching logo, so allow them to be creative and introduce new concepts to you. They have an eye for creating great custom logos- be willing to let them use it!

Custom Logo Design Upgrades

Another important thing to consider is that custom upgrades are largely responsible for making a design come to life. When your logo is ready to be printed onto your custom marketing material, make sure your printer is using full color 4/4 printing and that the card stock is decently thick and good quality. Silk/satin laminate is definitely the best option for the coating your printed pieces. Upgrades such as spot gloss UV highlighting, die-cutting and decorative foil stamping will all greatly enhance your custom logo design.

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Custom Logo Design for Fedsoft


The Finest Custom Logo Designs from Taste of Ink

A great first step is to order a free print sample packet from Taste of Ink Design and Print Studios. It will give you a better idea of the kind of custom logo design you will want to have created for your company image. Also, check out the custom logo designs on the website - all were created by the professional logo designers at Taste of Ink. If you see a logo concept that catches your eye, let one of our design specialists know - they can customize the idea for your logo design. Contact a custom logo designer from Taste of Ink today to get started.