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How and who creates the best logos? Some of the greatest logos operating in the world (marketplace) are merely type face. For instance, Coca-Cola™ carries a two tone color palette and just a word mark (logo). This is very simple and not thought of when thinking of a logo. Logos are interesting, extremely creative, and can be very sophisticated. In the handful of paragraphs below, you will read on the creation of logos and what it takes to be a true designer. You will learn that design agencies / teams work with market specialists prior to designing logos. This is just one ingredient out of many within the best logos in our world.


Brand ERP - Best Logo Design

Best Logo Design - Brand ERP


Designers and Best Logos

Do most designers have the ability to create a great logo? No, that is why not all logos and brands become timeless and are consistently successful in the marketplace. Best logos are created through the science and structural elements ingrained within a designer. Combining a sense to understand the aesthetic nature of the audience and an educated mind versed in standards and practices of design.


hermosa logo design

Hermosa Logo Design


Best Logo and Market Researching

The overall goal of a logo is to attract the correct consumer base or target audience. There are sources online to gather information on industries. They are costly, however knowledge is power in this industry and the more a designer and creative department understands on the market will benefit the design. How can information benefit design and moreover create the best logo? Information doesn't create the best logo. That is accomplished by a seasoned and educated designer team. However, understanding the correct consumer base and audience will benefit in creating the logos story.

TOI Design Agency's Best Logos


Cavalier Best Logo Design

Best Logo Design for Cavalier


Creating a Story for the Best Logo

A logos story can be as simple as clean, sterile, and elegant. In every story there are feelings and emotions that are pulled and drawn to the surface. The best logo will do this. It is accomplished by selecting the correct feeling and displaying these attributes through a well designed logo. The branding could push to a corporate level, where the logo has become a well-kerned and modified san serif. Logos can exemplify a niche or can be designed for a fun and web 2.0 look or desire. The best logos are formulated over deep planning based on market research. Every industry has a popular story or style but a timeless and the best logo will be highlighted. It may be subconscious, but every individual who has seen marketing, design, and advertising will notice the best logo design – regardless if they like the company or product. It stands out and creates a feeling and sparks your emotion (good or bad).


Mad Peet - Design Logo Best

Mad Peet Best Logo Design


Timeless Marks Found in the Best Logos

A logo is not a picture and it is not artwork. A logo is an architectural design and mark that is placed and positioned for a reason. Many of the best logos carry branding marks along with the copy of their company name. For example, a well known and iconic image mark known by all is Nike's Swoosh. This timeless Swoosh carries so much power. It promotes health, life, and exercise. The logos's Swoosh gives us the reason to go the extra mile even if we are exhausted. All these emotions and feelings that every American and practically every continent feels, is found in this logos image mark (the Nike Swoosh™). Other logo examples that have become American Icons are (image mark) Mercedes Benz™, (illustrative mark) FireFox™, (word mark) New York Yankees™, and (word mark) Mtv™. The emotions behind these companies were set by the logo and then stories and further emotion was formed by many excellent advertising firms throughout history.


reign logo design

Reign Logo Design


Best Logos and Clients

Logos live or die by the client. As a designer and design team, every logo we work on has our name on it. With this said, we would love for every logo we create to become an appreciated portfolio piece for our design agency. If it was up to us, we would run with a completely new niche within your industry and work on a timeless logo almost every time. However, we have guidelines and instructions. I guess the main point and our message is that the best logo can be created with a client who wants the same thing we want. A successful logo that will be highlighted within your industry and attract the largest percentage of consumers possible. As a design team, it is our job to understand your industry through your knowledge and then apply our experts. There is a researcher who specializes in gather data, running tests, and formulating data. Marketing to work on creating a functioning story that will be fluid within the product packaging, merchandise, advertising, etc.. Also, the designers to work as a team and scientifically produce a structured logo (brand). All of this is done to attract the correct audience and create a timeless and successful logo.

We aren't saying we create the best logos we just want you to read this information and hope understand our thoughts more clearly. However, our religion and passion is in the study of logo design and the market around us. We put our heart into each logo and hope for our clients success. To view some of our recent logo designs, click on the portfolio / gallery link on the top toolbar. Our design agency respects all design work and appreciates the design community.


Best Logo Design

Best Logo Design for Axius


Best Logo Design with the TOI Design Agency

Many of our favorite stories in the studio revolve around working with incredible companies, innovative minds, and great clients. If you have questions about our logo services, you can contact an account manager by calling 877.988.2783. Our design agency is located in the Art district of Scottsdale, Arizona so we are on MST (8am – 5pm).